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Aurachain provides a number of free resources that will help you get to grips with the workings of the Aurachain platform and can be used to supplement the knowledge you gain from taking the Academy courses.
The wide range of topics cover everything that you need to fully understand the core and advanced principles that drive the Aurachain platform, whether you’re just getting started with low-code development or you’re an experienced developer looking for a specific how-to.
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Web Help

Getting Started With Document Builder
Getting Started With APIs
Getting Started With Data Model & Catalogs
Getting Started With Reports


Aurachain. Making Processes & Blockchain Flexible And Practical
Aurachain. Bridging The Present To The Future
How To Build An App

How-to Articles

How To Identify The Task Assignee
How To Add A Horizontal Line In The Documents Section
How To Duplicate A User Interface
How To Search For Errors In Logs
How To Change A User’s Password
How To Add Custom Behavior To Segments
How To Unclaim A Task Or Reassign It To A Different User
Step-by-Step Guide To Build An Application
How To Setup An External Task For External Users
How To Quickly Change The UI Fields State To Read-Only
How To Change The Password As A User
How To Start From External Source Using Postman
How To Display A Field Data As Hyperlink
How To Target A Specific Start From External Source Activity
How To Call An Expose API Activity Using Postman
How To Change The Order Of Drop-down List Options
How To Send Attachments To AURACHAIN Using APIs
How To Import A New Application Or Update An Existing One
How To Manage Task Explorer And Its Tasks
How To Configure The Recurrence Of An Application
How To Configure Application Permissions
How To Filter Drop-down List Options By Using Custom Scripts
How To Concatenate Catalog Column Values Into A Label
How To Dynamically Create Users From The UI
How To Set Reminder Notifications
How To Create And Configure Conditional Blocks
How To View, Edit And Delete Notification Messages
How To Manage Users & Groups
How To Manage Process Inspector
How To Enforce SAML Single Sign-on
How To Manage Additional Features In Aurachain

Release Notes

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3.13.0 Release Notes
3.12.0 Release Notes
3.11.0 Release Notes
3.10.0 Release Notes
3.9.0 Release Notes
3.8.0 Release Notes
3.7.2 Release Notes
3.7.0 Release Notes
3.6.0 Release Notes
3.0.0 Release Notes
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