This course equips you with in-depth knowledge of the more advanced features available in the Aurachain platform. You will master the necessary skills to add custom behaviors to your user interfaces and to create blockchain-enabled smart contracts.
Prior to taking the Advanced Course, it is advised that you successfully pass the Aurachain Foundation exam. Basic knowledge of JavaScript and GO programming languages is also recommended.
Note: All materials currently available in the Aurachain Academy are made with version 3.1.0 of the Aurachain Platform in mind. If you are using a different version of the Platform, whether it is an earlier or later version, there may be minor differences between what is presented in the materials and what you experience within the Platform.

Course Curriculum

Custom Code
Introduction 00:00:00
A brief introduction to the Advanced course and an overview of the material that we will cover in the following videos.
Event Handlers 00:00:00
A summary of the event handlers available to you in the Aurachain platform.
Built-in methods 00:00:00
A summary of the built-in methods available to you in the Aurachain platform.
Scripting for DDL 00:00:00
The next step is to look at some business case examples to see how you can combine event handlers with built-in methods to achieve a specific outcome.
Scripting for textbox 00:00:00
Learn how to add a custom validation rule to a textbox.
Scripting for Option List 00:00:00
Discover how to change the state of a control based on the user’s actions. Discover how to change the state of a control based on the user’s actions.
Scripting for checkboxes 00:00:00
Take a look at how you can change the state of a control based on a checkbox selection.
Scripting for segments 00:00:00
Become familiar with how to add values in a segment using code.
Scripting for API 00:00:00
Learn how to manipulate data returned by an API response.
Conclusions 00:00:00
A brief end note signifying your completion of the Advanced course.
Advanced Exam 01:00:00

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  1. Great pleasure - Aurachain Advanced Course